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Welcome to Diamond Golf Cars

With locations in Birmingham and Huntsville, Diamond Golf Cars offers the largest golf car selection in Alabama.

We are the region's #1 dealer and we ship NATIONWIDE!

Retail Price: $3,999
2004 E-Z-Go ST - 36-volt electric with a 4" lift kit, brush guard, ...
Retail Price: $4,499
2012 E-Z-Go Valor - GAS - in very good condition and priced to sell before summer!
Retail Price: $5,999
2013 Yamaha DRIVE - 48v with lift kit, new wheel package, headlights, taillights, fold-down rear seat, ....
Retail Price: $6,200
2018 E-Z-Go LITHIUM-powered RXV - pre-owned but like new! We can convert it to a 4-passenger and add lights
Retail Price: $6,499
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - Black - a NEW gas vehicle for just $6,499!
Retail Price: $6,578
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - gas - Yellow which is rare as a Valor is not normally built in this fun color
Retail Price: $6,578
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - GAS - Burgundy body color, headlights, taillights, high-quality fold-down rear seat, ...
Retail Price: $6,578
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - GAS - Electric Blue with and 80" extended roof, high-quality fold-down rear seat, headlights/taillights, ....
Retail Price: $6,799
2019 Cushman Shuttle 2+2 - 48v electric - Flame Red, high-quality rear seat kit, full light package, unbelievable price!
Retail Price: $7,100
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - gas -- awesome Black On Black with loads of upgrades
Retail Price: $7,199
2012 E-Z-Go RXV -- Totally Reconditioned with new Metallic Charcoal body, custom American Sportster highback seats, ....
Retail Price: $7,199
2012 E-Z-Go RXV -- Reconditioned with new body, custom seats, full light package, upgraded wheels, ....
Retail Price: $7,200
2019 Cushman 800x - Gas - body color is Electric Blue and priced below normal 2019 levels
Retail Price: $7,250
2012 E-Z-Go RXV with custom seats, new body, LED light package, ....
Retail Price: $7,399
2016 E-Z-Go RXV - Inferno Red with a Baja roll cage -- completely reconditioned and very unique design
Retail Price: $7,788
RECONDITIONED -- 2012 E-Z-Go RXV with so many new accessories it is hard to list them! Custom, adjustable seats, new batteries, ...
Retail Price: $7,988
2015 E-Z-Go RXV - custom-painted Patriotic Bald Eagle theme -- 48-volts, new high-quality batteries, lift kit, 22" Kraken tires, ...
Retail Price: $7,999
2019 E-Z-Go Valor - Black - gas with custom seats and upgraded wheels
Retail Price: $8,699
2019 E-Z-Go S4 - Cool Gray - gas-powered, limited edition model, LED headlights, upgraded wheels, ..
Retail Price: $8,878
2019 E-Z-Go S4 - gas with Electronic Fuel Injection - two-tone seats, upgraded tires/wheels, ...
Retail Price: $10,500
2019 E-Z-Go L6 - gas with EFI -- Black body, Gray seats for coolness in summer heat, 82" roof, ....
Retail Price: $10,500
2019 E-Z-Go L6 - GAS -- Metallic Charcoal, Black/Gray custom seats, extended 116" roof, ....
Retail Price: $11,490
2019 E-Z-Go L6 - GAS - Black body and customized to the max!
Retail Price: $11,499
2019 E-Z-Go L6 - Flame Red with 72-volts of power - AC-drive, 82" black roof with grab handles, extended range and power with 72-volts, USB outlets, ...
Retail Price: $11,988
2019 Club Car Onward LIMITED EDITION - Sapphire Blue, luxury highback seats, lockable trunk -- many other upgrades!
Retail Price: $12,199
2019 E-Z-Go L6 - 72-volts of power -- Black, custom 2-tone seats, 116" extended roof, battery fill system ....

We also rent vehicles.

Whether weddings, church events, parties, or business needs, Diamond Golf Cars has a vehicle to fit your needs.  Please click the "Rent A Car" button below to enter your information so that we can verify vehicle availability and we will email you a quote.  If you need a quantity of vehicles greater than 5 for any one type, please indicate that in the section for Additional Details.

Delivery – we will quote delivery to the address shown in your submission.





what our clients say

"I contacted Bill to design a customized Dallas Cowboy-themed E­-Z-­Go vehicle. I am very pleased with all the ideas, help, and countless e­mails back and forth in choosing all the options. The vehicle turned out looking fantastic and my stereo system is the best! Bill’s knowledge of custom designs, sound systems, and related items was invaluable".

T. Morris, Hudson, IN

"Bill and his team helped me select the best E­-Z-­Go vehicle for my wife – along with all of the accessories! Their product knowledge was very helpful along with having everything in the showroom for me to see before purchasing it as a gift for my wife".

M. Hughes, Columbiana, AL

"The team at Diamond Golf Cars & Powersports helped me make the best purchase on both E­-Z-­Go and Bad Boy Off Road vehicles, along with servicing my existing vehicles. Their well­ stocked showroom along with their advice and input that ensured I made the best selection."

R. Salem Birmingham, AL

I would like to thank Bill Ochsenhirt for an outstanding experience purchasing this cart from out of state and sight unseen. It is a gamble buying something sight unseen and Bill assured me the cart was in very good condition and he provided excellent customer service including contacting a carrier to transport the cart. I bought the cart on Friday and the cart was delivered on the following Tuesday, not only was it fast, the cart is exactly as advertised. I am more than happy with the cart and the entire experience.

Diamond golf Cars is obviously a top notch dealership that I recommend to anyone.

Thank you again, Joseph Bocchino