5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Golf Car Battery

Golf cars are used for more than just hitting the green and galavanting across the golf course. You might use these cars to get around your gated communities, for leisurely strolling, or around a government facility. Regardless of your golf car’s purpose, it always needs a reliable battery.

Like most things that require batteries, golf car batteries can turn sour and burn out. If your battery has been giving you more issues lately, here are a few signs it’s time for a new one.

The problem is likely caused by one of a few common causes. Electrical issues such as a bad connection, a faulty switch, or a broken wire could be the problem, as well as a burned-out drive motor. More often than not, your car suddenly refused to fire up due to a bad battery. This could be related to one of the following. 

Charging Issues

First, check to see if your golf car was charged before you took it out. Plug it into the charger and follow the instructions. 

If the charger is the issue, check that the battery charger is turned on. Then, wait until the charging lights turn on, indicating that the battery is charging. In the morning, disconnect the charger and try starting up your golf car. If it turns on, then you’ve solved the problem.

Battery Terminal Issues

Open the battery compartment and check that the battery terminals are tightly connected. Give each terminal cable a firm tug where it connects to the battery terminal. If there is any movement, tighten the cables and try charging again within a few hours. 

Even slightly loose cables can cause issues and interrupt the charging session. 

Your Batteries Don’t Hold a Charge

Another subtle sign that your golf car battery is at the end of its life is that it simply won’t hold a charge like it used to. 

Decreased Power

Despite having been charged to full capacity, you may notice that your golf car just doesn’t seem to have the same power that it used to. Maybe it drives slower at full throttle, or it may struggle to climb uphill. 

It’s Close to Its Warranty

Golf car batteries don’t last forever. Every year they age a bit closer towards their final use. If your battery is nearing its warranty end date, you may want to consider making the upgrade now. 

Does Your Golf Car Need a New Battery?

If your golf car won’t start and you have a good reason to believe it might be the battery, our experts at Diamond Golf Cars can help you get your car running just like new. We can help you find a fast, affordable, and reliable solution so you can get back on the road or golf course in no time. 

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