A Look at Golf Cart Upgrades and Accessories Worthy of Envy

Owning a golf cart means freedom. Besides driving to places where other vehicles won’t go,  golf carts offer numerous customization options. Whether you want to keep it low-key or are looking for bold upgrades that will leave everyone talking, you can make your golf buggy stylish without sacrificing functionality. The following golf cart upgrades will set your ride apart from others on the road. 

Heavy Duty Tires

Stock golf cars mostly come with 8” street tires. While this size is fine for paved surfaces, you need larger tires with deeper treads to conquer hilly areas, offroad trails, snow, and swampy ground.

Heavy-duty tires offer the following benefits:

  • Increased load capacity: Their reinforced sidewalls can withstand heavier loads without affecting tire shape, stability, or performance. 
  • Durability: The superior construction of heavy-duty tires prevents sharp objects from penetrating, minimizing the risk of blowouts and flats. Additionally, the tires undergo performance tests to check their resilience in extreme conditions.
  • Rugged look: Heavy-duty tires bear a bold look, especially when combined with a lift kit. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or muscular, you can always customize your rims and tires to what you envision.
  • Safety and comfort: Deep treads absorb bumps to make your ride more comfortable. The tires also offer better traction to stabilize the cart when driving fast in challenging terrain.

Fender Flares

These golf cart upgrades protect your passengers and paintwork from the mud, rocks, and other debris you might find off-road. If you have wide tires, fender flares provide extra coverage to prevent your wheels from brushing against the body.

Flares also serve aesthetic purposes—you get to choose between different materials, colors, and designs, depending on your preferences. Moreover, they’re easy to install. While some prefer DIY, a professional will choose the right style and size for a cleaner finish.

LED Golf Cart Upgrades

LED lights shine brighter than halogen alternatives, making them ideal for low-light conditions. They’re also energy-efficient to save battery power and minimize charging frequency.

When it comes to customization, you have the option of different colors, shapes, and effects.

LED golf cart upgrades take various forms. For example, you can install them on headlights and taillights for better visibility and safety. You can also highlight specific aspects of your vehicle with accent lighting, for example, the dashboard, speakers, cupholders, and footwells.

Check your local regulations to avoid fines and personal injury lawsuits—some jurisdictions restrict certain LED colors and brightness levels.

Extra Space

Your golf cart’s size shouldn’t limit you from enjoying rides with friends and family. You can always increase the carrying capacity with these seat kits:

  • Jump seats: You can mount these foldable additions on the back of your buggy if you occasionally need to carry an extra passenger.
  • Bench seats: Although they’re less comfortable, they can accommodate more passengers than individual seats.
  • Flip seats: You can convert them into cargo beds to create additional space for hauling items. 

Shopping for a Golf Cart?

The journey of golf cart upgrades starts with getting a reliable vehicle. At Diamond Golf Cars, we have the right vehicle for your budget and needs. Contact us to get your dream buggy.