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Which Golf Car is Right for Me—Gas or Electric?

golf car driving on beach

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions about how to choose between gas and electric golf cars! 

Gas or Electric?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the business is about what kind of golf car to get—gas or electric? Gasoline powered golf cars are powered by traditional small gasoline engines, with an oversized electric starter designed for frequent starting. Electric golf cars are powered by a DC or AC-drive electric motor, supplied by deep cycle batteries, and are sold with a special charger designed for the car. 

As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages for both kinds. There are a few quick questions you can ask, though, that will help you determine what’s best for you right away! 

The biggest determinant is how far do you want to drive in a day. If you’ll be using your car for over two hours without stopping or going more than 20-25 miles per day, go ahead and get a gas golf car, but there are some electric cars with longer range. 

If you will use your golf car infrequently or will be leaving it sitting unused for periods such as the offseason at a lake house or beach house, get either a gas-powered golf car or the new Lithium electric cars. 

If you plan to use your golf car indoors only, go ahead and get an electric one. There’s really no effective way to eliminate the exhaust fumes from a gas car. 

If you need a quiet car or want a more “sociable” ride talking to your family while driving, get an electric one—gas cars aren’t super noisy, but electric cars are quieter. 

Quick Reference

Campgrounds: either gas or electric

Lake homes: gas or Lithium if you go weeks or months without visiting your home

Indoor facilities: electric

Senior use: electric

Hunting: electric if noise is a concern, gas if distance is more of a concern

Neighborhood: either gas or electric 

Possible Drawbacks for Both

With gas-powered golf cars, you can drive 100+ miles on a tank of gas, but the fueld produces some pollution. The carbon-monoxide emissions can pose a threat to your health when your car is operated within an enclosed space like your garage. They also require a little more maintenance than electric cars, like changing the oil. 

With traditional electric cars, it can be a little more difficult to estimate when they’ll run out of power, and they can take 8-10 hours to recharge. There is always a chance of being stranded if you’re running your car long distances far away from its charging unit! 

Still not sure which is right for you? Contact Diamond Golf Cars today for all the information you need!