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Can You Store a Golf Cart Outside for Extended Periods?

can you store a golf cart outside

Storage plays a major role in the life of your golf cart. Besides protecting it from vandalism and theft, proper storage keeps away harsh elements such as sun, rain, and snow. However, you may have to park your golf cart outside sometimes, whether you need more room in your garage or want convenient access to your vehicle. 

But can you store a golf cart outside?

Can You Store a Golf Cart Outside? What to Consider

The duration you leave your golf cart outside depends on the following factors:


Although golf carts are made for the outdoors, you should only leave them outside under favorable conditions. 

For example, rainwater may corrode your vehicle’s metal parts, weakening its structural integrity. Additionally, the sun can fade the interior while the wind topples your golf cart. Snow could also rust your vehicle when it accumulates on metal parts.


Mold can develop in your cart if the environment is humid or your carpets and seats are wet. Roof leaks also create damp conditions for mold survival. Left unchecked, the growth rapidly spreads on your upholstery, causing discoloration and a foul smell. 

Your health is also at risk–mold spores could trigger symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and runny nose.


Consider any animals in the vicinity that might pose a danger to your golf cart. 

First off, rodents can scratch the exterior and chew on the wiring, resulting in functional and cosmetic damage. Birds are also notorious for nesting on the roof, under the vehicle, and in storage compartments. Worse still, animal droppings leave unpleasant smells and invite health hazards.

How Do You Keep Your Golf Car Outside?

So, can you store a golf cart outside? Provided you take the necessary precautions, your vehicle is safe. Here’s how to protect your golf cart outdoors:

Cover It

Covering your vehicle offers various benefits. 

For starters, your golf cart is safe from the sun, snow, rain, and other elements that can ruin your paint job and upholstery. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about falling leaves, branches, and bird droppings. 

Covers can also provide the bonus of concealing your vehicle, which increases your security by making it less noticeable to thieves.

Inspect the Area

Ensure the parking spot is level to prevent your vehicle from rolling away. What’s more, research the area’s parking laws to avoid fines and towing. You could also research the neighborhood’s security–you don’t want to lose valuable car parts or the entire vehicle.

Check on Your Vehicle

Keeping an eye on your vehicle ensures it’s safe from harmful elements. Your golf cart might be covered, but it could still collect dust and mold. It’s easier to save your golf cart when you spot issues early.

More Questions? Feel Free to Reach Out

At Diamond Golf Cars, we’re committed to finding your ideal vehicle, whether you’re renting or buying. So, can you store your golf cart outside? We’ll be happy to answer this and other questions about golf cars. Contact us for a consultation.