Extend the Life of Your Golf Car

After investing in a golf car for you and your family, you’ll want to do everything you can to extend its life. It’s just like caring for any car you’ve ever owned, with a few additional precautions due to the nature of a golf car. Keep your golf car beautiful and functional for years to come by taking the following steps.

Tire Care

After enduring all kinds of weather, not to mention regular wear and tear, your golf car tires are susceptible to cracks, damaged sidewalls, and more. This leaves you vulnerable to ruptured tires, which is a huge safety concern and, ultimately, an unwanted expense. 

To protect your golf car tires, invest in a quality, water-based tire cleaner and protectant. Solvent-based protectants will contain silicones, oils, and solvents, which are harmful to your tires and will make your tires more slippery, making your golf car more dangerous. Water-based protectants are more environmentally friendly and will be more gentle on your tires, protecting them for the long haul. 

Battery Care

Electric and gas golf cars alike rely on batteries to varying degrees. To slow the corroding and aging of your golf car battery, weekly and monthly maintenance is essential! It’ll extend the life of your battery and ensure that your golf car is running optimally at all times. 

Start by cleaning the surface of the battery with just water, or a mixture of water and baking soda, to remove any surface debris and grease. For this, you can use a wet rag or a gentle brush. Then, use a gentle battery terminal cleaner to completely remove any corroding agents from your golf car battery. Some cleaners even help you identify acid leaks, which better equips you for maintaining your golf car long term.


Just like your battery accumulates dirt and debris, so does the exterior of your golf car. And while a dirty exterior doesn’t put you in danger the same way a dirty battery does, it shortens the aesthetic life of your vehicle. 

Golf Car Enclosures

When driving your golf car, you are exposed to the elements in a way that you aren’t when driving a car. This also means that anything on the interior of the golf car, from the seats to the dashboard and everything in between, is also likely to become weathered over time. 

Golf car enclosures are effective in protecting your vehicle from weathering and wear. You can find golf car enclosures for E-Z-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Cushman, and all of your favorite brands. All you need to do to maintain your enclosures is to wash them with soap and water, which is much easier than having to replace seat cushions or floorboards. 

Golf Car Cushions

And on the topic of your golf car interior, one of the most important features of the interior is your seat cushions. There are so many golf cars available with beautiful and custom seating options that you’ll want to protect. And in addition to weathering, your seats will endure wear and tear as passengers get in and out of your vehicle, especially if you’re putting it to more rugged use. 

To prevent them from cracking and tearing, you should be regularly cleaning your seat cushions with a protective moisturizer designed specifically for your seat material. If your seats are already cracked and damaged, you can view it as the perfect opportunity to customize your golf car with your dream seats. This could mean a custom color combo, added comfort, or a new cushion material.

Windshield Cleaning

Over time, the windshield of your golf car is going to accumulate dirt, grime, and bugs, especially if you are driving your vehicle on more rugged terrain around the lake or mountains. Even if you only drive your golf car around the neighborhood, pollen and dirt will still accumulate on the windshield. You’ll need to regularly clean this dirt and debris not only so that you can see, but also to keep your golf car looking spiffy. 

You’ll need to know the material that your windshield is made out of so that you can choose the proper cleaner. After you’ve determined the material and chosen an appropriate cleaner, use a non-abrasive rag or sponge, and apply windshield polish and protectant after you’re finished. 

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