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From Hunting to Law Enforcement and More, Golf Cars Go Far Beyond the Golf Course

We all know that Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf cars are most known for their use on the golf course––of course, it’s in the name! But after a few modifications, you’ll soon realize that a golf car is the preferred vehicle for activities other than golf, like fishing, hunting, tailgating, farming, and even law enforcement. 

Here, we’ll go in-depth at how a golf car could be useful for you in ways that go far beyond the green. 

Besides Golf, How Else Can I Use a Golf Car?

Fishing and Hunting

Activities such as fishing and hunting require patience, skill, and silence. A rugged, noisy vehicle is a prime example of what you don’t need if you want to reel one in, or down an 8-point buck. One of the most popular reasons people buy a golf car for hunting and fishing is to replace a noisy ATV. 

What’s the noise level?

A vast majority of ATVs and UTVs are gas powered, which makes them pretty noisy when you’re out in the woods. Since golf cars can be electric, they’re much more quiet when going to and from your deer stand.

Grab your buddy––or six

Unlike many other forms of transportation for hunting and fishing, golf cars are perfect for carrying multiple passengers––up to six total! You’ll also have room for a cooler when all is said and done.

Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement does a great job of keeping our communities safe, and now with golf cars, they can keep an even closer eye on tight-knit communities. Most golf car communities and retirement communities have their own police departments equipped with a fleet of golf cars that they use for law enforcement to help keep their neighborhoods crime free. 

These golf cars are complete with red and blue flashing lights––just like real police cars!


As previously mentioned, golf cars are the ideal vehicle when it comes to outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing because they’re quiet, small, and still able to transport materials back and forth––even in the most rugged areas! 

Before you hop into your golf car and hit the trails, you need to make sure that your golf car is properly equipped with specific modifications such as all-terrain tires, a lift kit, brush guards, and fender flares, to name a few. If you plan on using your car outdoors, make sure to let one of our team members know, and we’ll be happy to make sure to include everything you need. 


One of the all-time favorite cars for farming is the John Deere Gator. In fact, golf cars are the must have item for many family farmers, ranchers, and growers. Why? Well, for starters, they’re built to withstand a lot of the challenges found on a farm or ranch, and can be customized to carry tools, haul plants, flowers, fertilizer, and animal feed.

Besides hauling materials, golf cars can also be customized with electrical plugs for running herbicide/pesticide sprayers and stretching wire fencing. 

Event Transportation

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you already know the absolute chaos that can unfold when things don’t go as planned. Incorporating a golf car into your wedding reception can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s how:

It can help you transport guests––rain or shine

If you’re throwing a big wedding or hosting a party at your house or country club, and you’re worried about getting your guests from Point A to Point B––golf cars have you covered! A golf car is a great way to get multiple guests––up to six at a time––exactly where you need them. If it’s raining, you can count on your golf car to keep your guests safe and dry.

You can decorate it for your big day

A lot of people take time to personalize their getaway car on their wedding day, why not decorate your golf car? Use things like fresh flowers, streamers, balloons, and washable markers to make it your own! Don’t forget to add a “Just Married” banner for good measure.

Golf Cars Are for More Than Just Golfing

As you can see, golf cars have multiple uses that have nothing to do with golfing. If you’re interested in buying a golf car, we have the perfect car to fit your lifestyle, and your personal interests! Call Diamond Golf Cars today, and we’ll get your cruising on or off the golf course.