Gifts for Golf Cart Owners: Great Buys to Get

gifts for golf cart owners

The holiday season is here! And everyone is shopping around for the perfect gift for their spouses, children, friends, and even themselves. If you know a golf cart owner, you also want them to feel appreciated before the year ends. However, gifting golf cart lovers could be difficult, especially if you know nothing about these vehicles. Don’t worry though—here are some thoughtful gifts for golf cart owners.

Sound System

Audio installations are the perfect gifts for golf cart owners who also enjoy music. For example, you can improve the vehicle’s audio quality by installing a soundbar. Unlike regular speakers that have multiple wires, all you have to do to set up a soundbar is plug it in. Likewise, soundbars are sleek and deliver powerful audio despite their compactness. If you’re on a tight budget, you can enhance sound clarity using mountable speakers.


Besides looking cool, a light kit enhances the golf cart’s safety when revving along dark trails. The cart is also visible to pedestrians and other drivers at night and early mornings. Provided the parts are street-legal, you can fit your loved one’s golf cart with light bars, spotlights, headlights, tail lights, and turn signals. You could also install a fun underglow or dome light.

Seat Upgrade

The first option to upgrade golf car seats is installing custom covers. Apart from adding some personality to the golf cart, covers protect the cushion and keep your seats clean. Another gift idea is a back pillow to improve driving posture. If your loved one drives all year round, you could fit seat warmers to keep them warm during colder months.

Steering Wheel

Apart from looking stylish, aftermarket steering wheels improve the driving experience because they’re lighter and smaller. You could also opt for steering wheel covers. In addition to complementing the dashboard’s look, a cover protects the steering and enhances grip. Moreover, steering wheel covers come in various styles—making them some of the most universal gifts for golf cart owners. For example, you can choose the cover’s material, stitching, and color. 

Go All Out with these Great Gifts for Golf Cart Owners

There’s no better way to show love to golf cart enthusiasts than to surprise them with a vehicle. Whether they already own a golf cart or make do by renting, a new vehicle is a perfect addition to your loved one’s parking lot.
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