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Going Out of Town or on Vacation? Here’s What to Do for Extended Golf Cart Storage

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Your golf cart is, hands down, one of the best investments you ever made. This nifty little mode of transportation makes life so much easier. You can run errands, go on adventures, move equipment during events, and even use the golf cart for farmwork.

But now that you’re taking that much-deserved trip out of town, these practical golf cart storage tips will keep your vehicle safe while you’re away. 

Take Care of the Batteries Before Golf Cart Storage

It would be a huge inconvenience if you were to come back from your vacation, attempt to start the golf cart, and it doesn’t run. So, before proceeding to store your golf cart, take care of the battery by:

  • Charging it so it’s fully juiced when you need to use the cart.
  • Remove the battery from the golf cart to preserve its charge. Make sure to check the user manual for steps on how to disconnect the battery.
  • Check water levels.
  • Clean the terminals to remove any dirt and prevent corrosion. A baking soda-water solution should work well for this.   

Clean the Cart

Before extended golf cart storage, clean the interior and exterior. You don’t want to return to a dirty, stinky cart because you didn’t clean any spillage or dispose of food leftovers. Here’s a step-by-step cleaning guide for your vehicle:

  • Gather supplies such as towels, water buckets, mild detergent, and brushes.
  • Park at a shaded spot away from the lawn to avoid ruining your grass.
  • Rinse down the cart.
  • Wash the body, underside, and wheels.
  • Wipe the interior, windshield, and mirrors.
  • Dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Wax for that extra shine.

Check the Tires

Inflate the tires to the right pressure, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps avoid flat spots or damage to the wheels in storage.

Storing the Golf Cart

When storing the golf cart:

  • Find a secure, well-ventilated, lockable location like a garage or storage unit.
  • Place a waterproof cover on your cart to guard against dirt as well as UV and moisture damage.
  • Park the cart in neutral gear and avoid rolling by placing bricks behind the wheels. Using the parking brake for extended periods may strain your brakes.  

Maintenance During Extended Vacations

If you’re away for long, ask someone you trust to check on your golf cart. This involves cleaning your vehicle and checking the tire pressure and battery water levels. 

Don’t have a functional golf cart yet? Feel free to contact us! We’ll get you your dream model, whether new or used.