Golf Car Safety

It can be easy to view golf cars as toys or novelties rather than true motor vehicles, but the fact is that they pose similar risks as your car or your motorcycle, especially when you take them off the golf course. Turning at just 11 mph is fast enough to easily throw you or your passengers out of the golf car. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 10,000 emergency room visits every year result from golf car accidents. About 40% of all golf car accidents involve someone falling out of the vehicle, and roughly 10% of those accidents involved a rollover. Golf cars are no joke, and it can be fairly easy to injure yourself or your passengers. Keep reading for some helpful safety tips! 

Golf Car Safety Tips

Buy your golf car from a reputable, authorized dealer. Unfortunately, many golf cars being sold by individuals or unauthorized dealers have been modified to perform (speed, height of lift kit, etc.) in a way that is unsafe for the original design of the golf car. An authorized dealer like Diamond Golf Cars can make your golf car look “cool” while also ensuring it is safe for your family to drive.

Always wear your seatbelt. It might not seem necessary if you aren’t going super fast, but because of how easy it is to fall out of a golf car, it’s extra important. Never underestimate the importance of a seat belt! 

Slow down when turning. You’re probably used to driving regular cars, so you’re probably used to accelerating through turns without a second thought. Once you’re in a golf car, however, this shouldn’t be the case. There are no doors to hold you in—and if you aren’t wearing your seat belt you’re increasing your risk of flying out. Tipping a golf car is too easy, so make sure you’re slowing down and easing into turns. 

Beware of intersections. Loud, sudden noises might be frowned upon on the golf course, but they can save your life elsewhere. Golf cars are small, open, and hard to spot in traffic, so it’s important to make sure everyone knows you’re there! Tap the horn before going through an intersection, and drive with caution on busy roads. 

Never drink while driving. This one might sound obvious, but when applied to a golf car, people often forget this rule. Just because it isn’t a real car, doesn’t mean alcohol won’t affect the way you drive it. Golf cars are subject to the same traffic laws and dangers as regular cars. Even if you’re just doing yard work around the house, don’t drink and drive your golf car. 

Don’t drive on sidewalks. Just because your golf car can comfortably drive at walking speed, doesn’t mean it belongs where people are walking! The safest route for you and your golf car is typically on the street, or on designated recreational trails, where bikers and joggers know to expect you. 

Just like you’d insure your car or your motorcycle, it’s a good idea to insure your golf car! That way you’ll be covered should any of the above accidents happen. It’s easy to get too comfortable driving your golf car, so make sure you’re servicing it regularly, you’re always aware of your surroundings, and you’re always driving with caution! 

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