Golf Cart Battery Replacement: Can I Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery?

golf cart battery replacement

Replacing a golf cart battery may not be top priority in terms of expenses. And with four to six individual batteries in one cart, it can be a lot all at once. However, we do recommend that you change all the batteries at the same time—even if only one goes bad. When you do so, you can help prevent permanent battery damage.

Golf cart battery replacement can seem like a big and frustrating task, especially if you only really need to switch out one. You should switch batteries when they are having charging issues, poor battery life, and/or battery imbalance. In fact, you’ll likely end up saving time and money when you replace all four to six. 

Charging Issues, Poor Battery Life, & Battery Imbalance 

When only one battery is switched out, it results in the batteries having different charging levels; some may be stronger than others. When it comes to charging your golf cart, the total voltage will be measured rather than the individual battery’s voltage, providing an inaccurate level. New batteries charge faster than older batteries, which can result in a battery overcharge. This can negatively affect overall battery performance, and shorten the lifespan of the battery unit.

Here are some signs that your golf cart is experiencing problems in regards to battery issues: 

#1: Decrease in speed and acceleration 

#2: Charging time increases in length 

#3: Inability to perform like normal 

In addition to battery issues, it’s common for a battery power imbalance to occur. If you replace just one or two of the batteries in your golf cart, power is released in multiple different ways. New batteries exert more power while older ones typically are a bit slower. The difference may be too small to notice right away; however, as time goes on, you’ll notice that your golf cart isn’t performing properly. 

Here is a list of changes you’ll see in performance if (and when) there is a battery power imbalance: 

#1: A lag or decrease in acceleration

#2: An underwhelming amount of speed in general 

#3: Jolty or jumpy movements while driving the vehicle 

The amount of power your golf cart exerts will start to slow down significantly if your batteries are too old. It’s common to confuse old batteries with losing “juice” or power; however, a lag or decrease in acceleration is typically related to needing new batteries. Some signs that you may be experiencing a decrease in acceleration include taking longer to get moving, not reaching the golf cart’s normal top speed, or uncommonly struggling to climb uphill. 

Acid Leak 

Another issue that can negatively affect the battery life of your golf cart includes an acid leak. This can be caused because of age, wear and tear, or excessive use of your golf cart. You’ll start to notice that a liquid will begin to leak out of the casing or caps of the battery. Not only is an acid leak dangerous to your golf cart: It also can cause greater issues. These include:

#1: High toxicity

#2: Battery acid is corrosive in nature—this can affect your golf cart, but it can also damage and burn your skin! 

#3: Battery acid is highly flammable and combustible 

Golf Cart Battery Replacement: What to Do

If you suspect a need for golf cart battery replacement, and are having charging issues, poor battery life, battery imbalance, or an acid leak, contact us at Diamond Golf Cars! It’s important to stay on top of these kinds of issues—that’s why we are here to help! 

Don’t hesitate to call or request a service with us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.