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When searching for golf carts for sale in Birmingham, AL, one of your main focuses is likely finding a reliable machine that provides value. At Diamond Golf Cars, we offer a wide selection of new and high-quality used golf cart units as well as golf cart maintenance, repair, accessories, and more. Even if you’d prefer to rent, we can still help you find the right vehicle for your needs.

Choose Your Golf Cart

Whether you need transportation and cargo haul for leisure, business, or events, our golf cart(s) offer high-quality performance you can count on again and again. You can also build your own golf cart if you prefer extra customization. We’ll deliver the dreams you have for your vehicle!

Our new and used golf carts for sale in Birmingham, AL, include:


E-Z-GO’s exceptional craftsmanship and reliable track record make it the ideal starter golf cart. It’s also cost-effective with affordable parts that are easy to find. E-Z-GO features top-shelf technology, including state-of-the-art lithium batteries and the EX1 gas engine with premier fuel economy. 

Club Car

As a trendsetter in golf cart innovation, Club Car has a long-standing reputation. Club Car vehicles are painstakingly engineered to deliver top-notch performance regardless of terrain. With proper maintenance, Club Car can perform for up to 20 years! This is because of rust-resistant, vehicle-grade materials and a strong-running stock motor. Outfitted with a smooth suspension system, Club Car models provide a calm ride in all kinds of terrain.


Cushman will handle anything you throw at it, from hauling equipment to offroading and errands around town. It also utilizes advanced technologies to boost its performance. For instance, ELiTE lithium carts run on Samsung’s SDI system for extended battery life. You can also choose to go with gas golf carts to experience the economical 13.5 HP engine. 


Garia is arguably the world’s premier luxury golf and leisure vehicle. The Denmark-made brand and its variations stick to strict quality standards. Garia uses authentic materials and designs each vehicle to optimize comfort, usability, and durability.


Yamaha delivers quality, power, and reliability—all in one, well-made golf cart. Yamaha is a safe option for anyone in the market for a long-lasting vehicle. Additionally, gas models are environmentally friendly thanks to their low emissions.   

Golf Cart Rental in the Birmingham Area

Golf cart rental in Birmingham, AL, is an ideal option if you need a vehicle only for a short time, such as when attending an event.

You can also try different models before committing to one brand. Another benefit of golf cart rental in Birmingham, AL, is its cost-effectiveness. By renting a golf cart only when you need it, you can save money on maintenance and storage. 

Quality Golf Cart Parts & Repair

Contact Diamond Golf Cars in Birmingham, Alabama, to choose from our wide range of golf cart parts. Our experts will ensure your golf cart remains in excellent condition!

Diamond Golf Cars is an authorized dealer of E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts. Our golf cart repair service is virtually brand-agnostic, and we have replacement parts for all major brands. 

High-Powered Golf Cart Batteries

The right golf cart batteries ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance and longevity. Our high-quality batteries provide reliable energy and enhance your cart’s efficiency. Our experts eliminate the guesswork by helping you find the right golf cart battery capacity and compatibility for your specific model. 

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart at Diamond Golf Cars. Our team members prioritize your satisfaction and work to exceed your expectations at every opportunity. 

Our Birmingham customers also appreciate our extensive selection of parts and accessories. We cater to all major brands of golf carts and utility vehicles. Moreover, we support and contribute to Birmingham’s growth through community events, sponsorships, and partnerships!

Customer Testimonials

The Diamond Golf Cart store in Inverness Al has a great employee in Mr. Dion Grimes. He was helpful, patient and so personable while assisting me in finding parts and accessories for my 2016 Ezgo cart. I will be coming back to this store. Thanks Mr. Dion!
Mandy Langford
I was very skeptical about buying a golf cart in Alabama while living in Maryland. Jay Barden exceeded all expectations. He was honest, communicated often, and was sincere. I just received my 6 passenger onward lifted club car. It is awesome. Shipping was no issue. I could not find this golf cart in my area without a significant wait. Diamond golf cars came through. Additionally, I verified this business before purchase with Club Car who told me “this is a black and gold dealer. They are the best of the best!” They were spot on. Buy in confidence. Have no apprehensions. They are a fantastic business.
Patrick McNew
Alex at Diamond Golf Cars is excellent! He is very knowledgeable and provided stellar customer service. If you need a golf cart, this is the place to purchase.
Jennifer Maye

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