How Long Does It Take to Charge a Golf Cart Battery?

charging port on a golf car

Charging your golf cart can take time. But exactly how long does it take to charge a golf cart battery? Avoid unnecessary delays whenever you need to head out by knowing exactly how long it takes to charge your golf cart battery. What’s more, you’re less likely to end up stuck in the middle of nowhere just because your battery died on you. Whether you’re looking to buy a golf cart or you want to drive around with minimal inconvenience, here’s all you need to know about golf cart charging times.

What Affects Charge Time?

Before delving into how long it takes to charge a golf cart battery, let’s discuss the factors affecting charge duration. They include:

  • Battery Type: It can take over 10 hours to charge a lead-acid battery compared to lithium-powered carts that fill up within three hours or less. And while lead-acid batteries come with discharge rates of up to 50%, lithium options deliver 85-100% of their capacity no matter the discharge rate.
  • Discharge Level: Fully drained batteries take longer to charge than partially discharged ones.
  • Charger Type: As long as it’s compatible with your vehicle, a fast charger can reduce your charging time by up to six hours. Ensure the charger’s voltage matches your battery’s volts to get the right energy levels. Otherwise, prepare to wait longer if you use less powerful chargers.
  • Battery Age: It takes longer to fill up old batteries than new ones. This is a result of the built-up passive materials that block electron flow on the electrodes.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Golf Cart Battery?

Golf carts can charge within 4-14 hours depending on the remaining battery life. Even when not in use, you can leave your golf cart plugged in to ensure you’re always ready to drive off. Ordinarily, a fully-charged cart can drive for 25-40 miles, lasting around 45-90 minutes. The good news is your charge can last longer with the following tips:

  • Turn off the lights and other electronic components when not in use.
  • Clean your batteries to boost charging efficiency.
  • Avoid driving long distances or going up steep hills.
  • Charge your cart fully after every use.
  • Use the recommended charger.
  • Avoid discharging your cart completely.
  • Don’t overload—your cart requires more power to carry excess cargo and passengers 

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