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How to Keep Your Golf Car Safe

Golf cars are becoming more and more widely accepted as vehicles, both within communities, and even towns. There are even communities that only allow golf cars to travel the roads! This also means that people are investing more and more time and money into their golf cars—a totally customized golf car can cost more than $8,000! But without the same security features cars have, how can you protect your investment? Keep reading for some helpful tips. 

Keep Your Golf Car in a Garage

The elements can wear on your golf car pretty quickly, especially in really humid climates like Alabama and Florida. Storing your golf car outside can also allow criminals to scope out your golf car, and therefore determine the best or easiest way to steal it. Don’t give them the opportunity! Protect your golf car from both weather and theft, and store it in a garage or storage shed. 

Security Lights

If you live somewhere without a shed or garage, like an RV park or mobile home community, you could consider installing motion security lights that are pointed at your golf car. Even posting a notice or sticker warning potential thieves that you have security measures installed will deter most people. Criminals don’t want any opposition, so if they’re worried that your golf car is protected, or bright lights come on when they get too close, they’ll most likely abandon it. 

Cover It When Not in Use

The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is true for your golf car, too. A golf car that can’t be seen or properly scoped out is far less likely to be stolen. This is a practical, inexpensive way to deter people from stealing your golf car. A golf car thief won’t be able to see it, and therefore won’t be able to figure out the best way to steal it. Odds are, they’ll go for a golf car more easily accessible. We carry a full line of storage covers to keep your golf car out of the elements and hidden from view!

Use a Unique Starter Key

Most factory golf cars all come with a generic key that will fit most other cars. Changing the factory key cylinder switch, and installing a unique key switch, will make sure that a key someone else already has won’t also fit your golf car. Factory keys make stealing your custom golf car way too easy, and experienced golf car thieves will know this. Make it much harder for them by getting a unique starter key. 

Install a Theft Deterrent

Lastly, there are actual theft deterrent devices you can install. Without anything, golf cars are generally pretty easy to steal for someone who’s determined enough. You can invest in an actual remote security system that will easily install with the use of your car’s battery, or you can use a golf car pedal lock. The latter is the more affordable option, and either will ensure that golf car thief passes your golf car up!

Law enforcement estimates that a whopping 30,000 golf cars are stolen each year in the U.S. Avoid being a part of this statistic, and protect your time and money, by following these tips. Looking for more information or a golf car of your own? Contact Diamond Golf Cars today.