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How to Ship Your Golf Car Safely

Golf cars can be a pain to transport, especially over long distances. Maybe you’re moving, you want to take your golf car to a vacation spot, or you’re traveling for a golf tournament. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to follow these simple steps to ensure that your golf car is shipped safely. 

#1: Note Your Two Location Points 

First, you’ll want to know the exact addresses of your pickup location and delivery location. It’s also helpful to select a time frame that works best for you. Make sure you, or someone you trust, can be there for the golf car’s pickup and delivery. 

#2: Do Your Homework 

Research shipping companies thoroughly. You don’t want just anyone handling your golf car—this is your baby! You’ll want to make sure that any shipping company you research is actually able to ship your golf car and has a good reputation.

If you aren’t sure whether or not a company ships golf cars, give them a call and ask. This will also give you a feel for their customer service: the hallmark of any reputable shipping company. 

#3: Read the Reviews 

The voices of previous customers can speak volumes for the reputation of any company. Check out the customer reviews of the shipping company you’re researching. If they don’t have them on their website, you can go to Google or for your answers. Avoid any company that has less than three stars on their ratings—better to be safe than sorry. 

Booking and Scheduling Your Golf Car For Shipping 

After you’ve decided on a shipping company, next comes the scheduling and booking of your shipment. If you’re shipping your golf car a long distance, expect it to take about three weeks. For smaller shipments (around a couple hundred miles), it may only be around 10 days for shipment. Either way, your shipping company should let you know what to expect. 

Schedule to ship your golf car at least one month in advance of when you’ll need to pick it up. Sometimes, due to the specialized nature of the shipping, it’s possible you won’t get an exact date for your pickup or delivery, so the more in advance you can schedule your shipment and the more time you can give the shipping company, the better. Usually, the company will give you what’s known as a “shipping window,” meaning they’ll commit to picking up and delivering your golf car within a three-day period from the dates that you chose. 

How to Prepare Your Golf Car For Shipment

There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare your golf car for shipping. Remove all personal items from the car. From sunglasses and gloves to cables and trash, get it all out. Your personal items won’t be covered by shipping insurance. 

Be sure and clean your golf car thoroughly as well. There will be an inspection of the car by the shipping company, and if it’s dirty it will take them longer. Once you’ve cleaned it, take pictures of the golf car so you have a record of its condition before you ship, just in case any damage happens during shipment. 


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