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Golf carts are convenient modes of transportation for personal and business use, allowing you to go from A to B in style. Diamond Golf Cars is your go-to destination for every golf cart need, whether for a brand-new cart or a specific part or accessory. You can also request service for repair and maintenance on Huntsville golf carts.

Our Selection of Golf Carts in Huntsville

Diamond Golf Cars is a trusted provider of industry-leading golf carts from top manufacturers. Our inventory includes a wide variety, from new carts to custom models and even used golf carts for sale in Huntsville, AL. We also offer quality personal vehicles perfect for adventures around town—and beyond. You can use them for quick shopping, hunting expeditions, fishing trips, getting around at the lake, while camping, and more.Our top-of-the-line utility golf carts can tackle virtually any terrain. Run errands around the neighborhood, explore your community, and haul cargo to and fro. Whether you’re buying your first golf cart or wish to upgrade, there are plenty of quality models to choose from!


Cushman golf carts are chore-ready, capable of hauling loads, transporting people, and even helping with personal or corporate affairs. Cushman golf carts feature a 13.5 HP engine for gas models and ELiTE Lithium batteries for electric models to provide increased performance.  


E-Z-GO is one of the best ways to own a golf cart on a budget. Parts are generally low-cost and easy to come by. E-Z-GO offers plenty of colors and accessories to personalize your vehicle.


Yamaha has been a household name in the golf cart industry for decades. Yamaha has continued to live up to its reputation, with innovative technologies like QuieTech that reduces noise levels.


This luxury brand often comes in an extravagant design to add some personality to your golf cart. You can also opt for Masonry add-ons like bumper trims, refrigerators, and instrument clusters. Garia is also impressively practical, with safety features that include three-point safety belts, dome lights, and on-road stability.

Club Car

Club Car attracts quite a few fans given its reputation. The brand has spent decades pioneering golf cart innovation, with remarkable performance down to the tiniest details, including a strong-running stock motor, rust-resistant materials, and smooth suspension system for longer service life. For Club Car, you can choose between gas and electric models and even build your own cart based on your exact specifications.

Golf Cart Rentals Huntsville, AL

Golf cart rentals allow you to enjoy high-quality carts without having to worry about storage and maintenance. You can rent a golf cart(s) for a wedding, corporate event, or for other special occasions.

Our golf cart rental service in Huntsville offers a variety of vehicles, featuring gas-powered and electric carts from most major manufacturers. We provide flexible rental terms that are able to fit your schedule and budget based on your specific needs.

Experienced Golf Cart Services and Repairs

Your golf cart is a significant investment you shouldn’t just trust to anyone. Our team understands every aspect of golf cart repair, regardless of the vehicle model.

From routine maintenance to more complex repairs, like controller replacements, our technicians understand what it takes to keep your golf cart in peak performance. We’re also a leading supplier of machine parts, including golf cart batteries, in Huntsville, AL.

Why Choose Diamond Golf Cars in Huntsville, Alabama?

Our showroom and service station in Huntsville, Alabama makes Diamond Golf Cars a trusted local authority on golf cart sales, repair, maintenance, and other applications. You can rely on us to recommend the ideal vehicle based on a variety of factors: terrain, comfort, cost, and even your day-to-day needs. We can also help you create a completely customizable vehicle. Send us your specifications. and we’ll deliver the golf cart of your dreams!

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Diamond Golf Cars has everything you need when it comes to golf carts, including accessories, parts, maintenance, rentals, and repairs. Contact us today or come in and visit our Huntsville location!

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Diamond Golf Cars has two showrooms located in Alabama. Customers are encouraged to visit either the Birmingham or Huntsville Showroom to have a look at and to test drive any of our vehicles. We ship nationwide for those who do not live in the area!

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