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Meet the Super-Exclusive 2021 Garia Off-X

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, but 2021 is shaping up for exciting things, including the introduction of the Garia OFF-X, a luxury brute that offers more chances for adventure than any vehicle before it. It’s tough, capable, and puts you in total command while boasting all of the necessities of a luxury car––to keep you comfortable when out in the wild. 

The Garia OFF-X is as stylish as it is reliable, and will aid you in your adventures in the great outdoors. Keep reading to get to know the specs behind this golf car.

Garia OFF-X is a Powerhouse

The 2021 Garia OFF-X comes fully specced out and includes:

  • A lithium power pack
  • Lift kit
  • All-terrain tires and alloy wheels
  • An in-dash refrigerator
  • Heated windshield
  • High power speeds of up to 25 mph

In addition to all of these specs, the Garia OFF-X is street legal and ready to roll when you are.

Garia OFF-X Knows No Limits

Most golf cars require special fitting for a lift kit and extra costs for all-terrain tires before off-roading––not the Garia OFF-X. The Garia OFF-X comes with beefy, all-terrain tires that push the boundaries of exploration and will help you leave your mark on the forest floor. Never again will you have to worry about stripping your hubs on your golf car––and spending hundreds in repair costs.

Garia OFF-X Blazes Trails Like Nothing Else

With the power of wheel traction, you can safely blaze the water’s edge with more excitement and thrill than any walk on the beach could give you. Now you can get up close and personal with moving tides and salty sea surf. 

Garia OFF-X Rides Rugged

With Garia OFF-X, you can leave the beaten path, and go from the 19th hole to the epic ridges of backcountry. A built-in refrigeration system means you’ve got all day (or all night) to take it all in. The four seats in front and back allow you and your passengers to ride in comfort––to whatever destination you’re going to. 

If you’re interested in the Garia OFF-X, our Birmingham showroom has one in stock just for you. For more information about this super exclusive vehicle, contact Diamond Golf Cars today!