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Ready to Upgrade Your Golf Car? Check Out These 4 Tips

Have you been staring longingly at your golf car just sitting in the garage during these cold winter months? You may not be able to take it out just yet, but now’s a great time to plan ahead and upgrade your golf car to really maximize your enjoyment once the warmer weather rolls in. There are many customizations you can make to your golf car. You can upgrade your tires, increase the speed of your car, install shiny new lights, add more seating, and more. Here are four ways you can take your golf car to the next level, just in time for summer

Heavy-Duty All Terrain Tires

Most new and used golf cars come with what are referred to as “street tires.” Street tires are 8’’ golf tires that are ideal for driving along paved surfaces like asphalt. These tires are smaller and require less power, but they’re not as versatile as a pair of heavy-duty all terrain tires. A large set of tires gives you more freedom to drive your golf car on rougher terrain such as trails and paths. Plus, they make your golf car look unique, and add a personal touch to your car!

Install LED Lights

Just like with tires, some new and pre-owned golf cars can come equipped with standard or stock lights. However, if you plan on doing a lot of night-driving, we recommend LED lights for your golf car, as well as for the underbody of your car. LED lights will make it much easier to see what’s ahead in the dark, meaning your ride will be much safer—and faster!

When it comes to making your nighttime drives safe and fun, there are a lot of options: headlights, taillights, LED light bars, and LED spot lights. Be sure to check your state’s laws on driving a golf car at night. 

Install Extra Seats

Many golf cars do not feature extra rear seating. So, installing a rear seat kit is a great way to make room for the whole family. When you don’t have extra people riding with you, you can easily fold your rear seats down to make room for hauling extra things like boxes, equipment, gardening tools, wood, or whatever else you need.

Add a Cooler

There’s nothing better than cruising in your golf car on a hot day, with a cold drink in your hand––or a cooler in your ride! Don’t worry about a cooler taking up too much space. There are several cooler installations you can choose from to fit in the nooks and crannies of your golf car. You can mount one to your dashboard or install one at the back of your golf car with a hitch.

Your new or used golf car is just the beginning in your fun as a golf car owner. There are numerous customizations you can make to truly make your ride, yours. Now is the time to prep your golf car for spring!

Come by our showroom, and we will be happy to help you pick out the perfect golf car to fit your lifestyle, just in time for spring. Contact Diamond Golf Cars today.