The Complete Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Golf Cart

golf cart maintenance

Summer has come, and there’s no better time to have some outdoor fun with your golf cart. But as you hydrate, wear sunscreen and rock sunglasses to fight the summer heat—don’t forget your golf cart!

Whether you drive your vehicle regularly or use it occasionally, proper golf cart maintenance improves its performance, appearance, and longevity. Otherwise, the extreme heat could evaporate battery fluids and damage your motor and paintwork. Show your vehicle some love with the following golf cart maintenance tips:

Battery Golf Cart Maintenance

Battery maintenance goes a long way in preventing battery damage and extending battery life. 

The first step is charging your battery. Move your vehicle to a ventilated area to prevent the accumulation of hazardous gasses. Be sure to use a compatible charger and allow the batteries to reach their total capacity.

You should also refill your battery’s water levels to replenish what is lost from the summer heat. Keep an eye on the water level indicator to avoid overfilling the battery—too much water dilutes the electrolyte, hindering its charging power. Only use distilled water for this process since tap water can damage your battery with its minerals.

Clean and Wax

Regular washes remove accumulated debris to preserve your vehicle’s shine. 

Start by parking your cart in the shade (otherwise, direct sunlight will dry out the soap and leave spots on your vehicle’s finish). Next, gather supplies such as buckets, sponges, a hose, brushes, and towels. 

For the interior, begin by wiping the dashboard, steering wheel, and other plastic surfaces with a microfiber towel; then, vacuum the seats and floor mats and wipe the windshield. 

You can spray down the exterior with a hose before scrubbing it with a sponge and soapy water. Since drip drying can leave streak stains, rinse off the vehicle and wipe it with a soft towel. Don’t forget to wax your cart to protect your paintwork from the sun.

Storage Tips

If you don’t plan on driving your vehicle this summer, here’s how to store your golf cart and prepare it for use later on:

  • Move your vehicle to a garage or secure storage area.
  • Cover your cart when parking it outdoors.
  • Remove your valuables from the golf cart.
  • Inspect your cart occasionally, paying attention to tire pressure, battery charge, and water levels.
  • Arrange for golf cart maintenance during your time away.

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