Summer Hot Spots for Golf Carts

summer hot spots for golf carts

When going on vacation, there are many places where you can rent golf carts, but if you have your own then you should bring it along for the ride. There’s a reason golf carts are so popular these days. 

Here are the top four summer hot spots for golf carts around the U.S. 

Your Guide to Summer Hot Spots for Golf Carts

Peachtree City, Georgia 

This town is designed with golf carts in mind. Just southwest of Atlanta, Peachtree City has more than 90 miles of golf cart paths that run through the entire town. With all the opportunity to drive around in your golf cart, you’ll want to check out the many vacation rentals in this city. If you want to enjoy the summer full of southern charm, fun golf cart paths, and more, visit Peachtree City for your next family vacation! 

Arcadia, Florida 

In south Florida, right between Tampa and Fort Myers, is a town called Arcadia. This small and historic town is home to many campgrounds perfect for fishing and other water sports. With more than 160 acres of Florida fun, the people of Arcadia encourage visitors to bring their own golf carts to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery. Additionally, Arcadia hosts the All-Florida Championship Rodeo each year, so if you want to be in the stands for all the cowboy adventures, head south! 

New Smyrna Beach, Florida 

Staying in the sunshine state, albeit three hours to the northeast, New Smyrna Beach is another lovely golf cart community. With sandy beaches, southern charm, and deep tradition, it’s common to see golf carts regularly cruise down the hard-packed sand. Back in the 1800s, horses and buggies would trot down the beaches and—eventually—car owners would drive down the beaches to show off their new wheels. During the 1930s when the tides were low, it was common to see beachfront car races take place. 

If you’re wanting a change of scenery, perhaps consider visiting New Smyrna Beach this summer for your family vacation. Soak up the sun and drive your golf cart around! What could be better than that? Summer hot spots for golf carts abound—and offer fun times galore.

Imperial Sand Dunes of California 

Traveling west, the Imperial Sand Dunes (also known as Glamis) located in the southeast corner of California, is the largest off-highway recreational area of sand dunes in the entire U.S.. With more than 40 miles of sand dunes, you’ll have fun off-roading your golf cart. Keep in mind that an everyday golf cart may get thrashed due to the rough, sandy terrain of this park—but, if you have a tricked-out vehicle, you’re in luck! No matter what, your trip to Glamis definitely won’t be lacking in the fun department. 

Bring the Fun with You! 

When going on vacation, there’s no need to leave your favorite toys at home! Bring the fun with you—your golf cart included—when visiting the summer hot spots for golf carts listed above. Summer is a popular time to be outside, go on road trips, and experience new adventures! Visit our website or call us today to see the golf carts we have available to purchase so you can enjoy all that summer has to offer.