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Tips to Successfully Winterize Your Golf Car Battery

golf car battery

Now that winter is here and cold weather is upon us, it’s time to winterize your golf car battery before it’s too late. 

People have owned golf cars for personal enjoyment, to zoom  around their communities, or to to help them dominate on the golf course. But as cold weather is here to stay for the next few months, it’s important to take care of the products you love so much. So, it’s time to put those golf cars away to rest until the temperature rises next season. 

Winterize your golf car battery so it continues to work efficiently when it’s time to sit behind the wheel again in the spring and summer. Keep reading to learn more: 

Start From the Inside Out By Cleaning Battery Terminals

If there is any debris left on the battery terminal during its time being stored away, it quickly can turn problematic leading to greater issues. To nix dust and corrosion that may encapsulate the battery terminals, create a neutralizer. 

The recipe is as easy as mixing 1 cup of baking soda in with 1 gallon of water. By applying the mixture to the battery terminals and cleaning them off you can guarantee that your golf car battery will be free of any conductive pathways during the winter. When spring has sprung, the battery and your golf car will be ready to hit the roads! 

Keep the Battery Charged

This one may seem obvious, but it often gets overlooked. When a battery is only partially charged when put into storage, it will lead to greater damage to the power output over time. Fully charge your battery before storage. To get specific regarding the most accurate charge, pull out a hydrometer. Every golf car battery should have a specific gravity of 1.265. 

Stay Cool, Calm, & Collected

Consider storing your golf car in a dry, cool area. The cooler temperatures will slow the battery’s discharge rate—you want a slow rate so that the battery maintains its charge. If the golf car is stored in a hot area, the battery will create rapid discharge causing the power to die completely. 

Tender Loving Care 

Give them a little tender loving care (TLC) when they aren’t in use during the winter months. Stored batteries still require some attention, so take that hydrometer and read it every few weeks to ensure that it’s still working. 

It’s natural for batteries to lose a bit of charge over the winter months, but make sure there isn’t a rapid decline in battery health. Keeping up with its maintenance periodically will only save you a headache in the spring. 

Battery Storage

Every brand of battery is affected and won’t perform optimally because of stacking due to weight considerations. For example, when two or more battery units are stacked on top of each other, physical deformities will appear. Therefore, line multiple batteries on the shelf next to one another so there is no weight issue.

Enjoy the Snow, Avoid the Headache 

With all that being said, if you take care of your golf car during the winter, you will be able to hop right back into the driver’s seat come spring. If you have any questions regarding battery upkeep or winterization, contact us and we will help you with anything you need.