Top Golf Cart Brands: A Complete List of Our Preferred Manufacturers

Golf carts are one of the most versatile vehicles, supporting your work and leisurely trips while taking you where regular cars won’t go. Whether you’re an event coordinator, farm manager, adventurer, or just looking for an eco-friendly neighborhood cruiser, you deserve a reliable golf cart from a trusted manufacturer. Here are our top golf cart brands for first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade.  


With decades of producing unbreakable gas and electric vehicles, Cushman is the ultimate workhorse. If you prefer gas-powered engines, you’ll love the 13.5 HP EFI engine that can navigate any challenge without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

You could also go for the ELiTE Lithium vehicles that utilize Samsung’s SDI technology for long-lasting power. You’ll be pleased to know there’s a Cushman for all your needs, whether you want a personnel transport, utility, or hospitality vehicle.


E-Z-GO has distinguished itself as a reliable manufacturer ever since its establishment in 1954. In addition to its excellent performance, E-Z-GO is one of the most affordable golf cart brands, with readily available parts and cheap maintenance.

You also have numerous customization options to create the golf cart of your dreams with various colors, accessories, and powertrains to choose from. Note that E-Z-GO and Cushman golf cart brands are manufactured by Textron, making them part of the same family.  


This electric cart combines luxury and functionality to make every drive memorable. If you’re looking for variety, you’ll love the non-street-legal and street-legal options, with the Garia coming in six-, four-, and two-seater options. You also get different model variations, with the Roadster roofless design and the OFF-X Lifted option that comes with 12’’ wheels.

The best part is you can customize your own Garia by selecting your preferred model, rims, body color, battery, seats, packages, and interior and exterior options. Additionally, you can choose Masonry accessories like refrigerators, mudguards, cup holders, bumper trims, dashboards, instrument clusters, side mirrors, and steering wheels. Away from its sleek design and luxury features, the Garia also ranks high in safety, with disc brakes on all wheels and 3-point seatbelts securing every passenger. 

Club Car

This company has a track record of innovation since its establishment in 1958. As a pioneer in street-legal golf wagons, Club Car lives up to its reputation by consistently manufacturing reliable vehicles for commercial and personal use. Additionally, Club Car has all the technologies you need for a smooth driving experience, from programmable drive settings to improved torque and balancing speed.

Another selling point is the brand’s versatility. Besides choosing between electric and gas-powered vehicles, you have countless customization options, including seats, wheels, and lift kits.   


Musical instruments, audio systems, sports equipment; you name it. This manufacturer delivers long-lasting value in all its products. It’s no surprise Yamaha is one of our top golf cart picks. Although Yamaha was founded in 1887, golf cart production didn’t start until the 1970s.

The first reason to choose these golf carts is versatility—whether you prefer gas or battery-powered options, Yamaha offers stability, power, and reliability. That’s not to mention the QuieTech technology that lowers your gas cart’s decibel output for quieter drives. Additionally, the manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality. The cart boasts a durable frame to navigate harsh terrain and extend its lifespan. 

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