What Kinds of Golf Cart Seats Are Suited for Summer?

Summer transportation is so much easier with a golf cart. You get to run quick errands, take adventures, and drive to seemingly inaccessible places—all while soaking in the sun and feeling the wind on your face. And while the sun presents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, it can ruin the fun by leaving you with hot golf cart seats. Besides causing discomfort and burns on exposed skin, cart seats can distract the driver when they get too hot.

What Are the Best Golf Cart Seats for Summer?

How hot your seats get depends on several factors. The first one is material. Although they offer a luxurious feel and are easier to clean, leather seats can get too hot in the summer. Fortunately, you have other options to keep your ride cool.

The first one is mesh that allows airflow through the seats to prevent heat and moisture build-up. Additionally, vinyl seats prevent heat accumulation for a cool seating surface. This material also offers UV protection to prevent cracking and fading. Some seats also incorporate cooling features like fans and gel inserts.

Color also matters. Black seats absorb and retain more heat, leaving you with a hotter interior. In contrast, white, silver, and cream have better reflecting capabilities to keep your cart cooler.

How Do I Cool My Golf Cart Seats?

If you struggle with hot golf cart seats, here’s what you can do to cool them down.

  • Touch your seats before taking a drive—if they feel too hot, leave them to cool or use a towel
  • Choose shaded parking spots
  • Stay hydrated to regulate your body temperature
  • Get seat covers
  • Drive around when it’s not too hot
  • Your clothes matter—your outfit should be lightweight and breathable to cool you down and long enough to minimize direct contact with hot seats

Always Go for Reputable Models

If you want to feel the comfort of your golf cart seats this summer, you’re better off with the reputable brands at Diamond Golf Cars than cheaper, foreign models. From E-Z-GO and Yamaha to Club Car and Cushman, we have various brands models for your style and needs. Besides offering a range of seating options, established brands provide extra comfort with their ergonomic designs and additional padding.

Some models even provide custom configurations to accommodate individual preferences, making long drives more comfortable. What’s more, reputable brands have a dedicated support team in case of any issues with your vehicle or golf cart seats. That’s not to mention the availability of quality parts.

To minimize production costs, shifty companies cut corners with low-quality materials, compromising on breathability. For instance, manufacturers may use insufficient materials or skip insulation altogether, leaving your seats too hot in the summer. Their designs may also overlook ergonomic principles such as lumbar support, contouring, and proper cushioning, making it uncomfortable to drive around in hot weather.

Enjoy the Summer with a Great Golf Cart

If you’re planning to make memories with your golf cart this summer, you need a vehicle that is both reliable and comfortable. Contact Diamond Golf Cars to learn more about our models.