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Golf Cart Popularity Is Sky-High. Here’s Why!

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With the golf cart industry’s seasonality, people often buy golf carts in the winter months—especially right up to and during tax season! But why is demand so much greater right now? Well, a few key reasons, including increased popularity and hard-to-find features. Here are the ones that top the list for us!

#1: Popularity 

After all the lockdowns that have endured since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone is getting antsy to be outside! People have been cooped up in their homes working, doing school, or quarantining; therefore, people are craving some good ol’ outdoors time. 

Driving golf cars is more fun, cheaper than cars, and an easy way to visit with neighbors while social distancing. Because families haven’t been spending money on large, lavish vacations, they’ve been spending their money on “toys” like golf carts, RVs, or boats! 

#2: Manufacturing Shortages 

Along with popularity, manufacturing shortages have also occurred. Why? With the lockdowns, plant closings, and people not being able to come into work, all operations were slowed down. When the demand went up, there was a lack of people to manufacture and service the golf carts. Because of the unprecedented manufacturing delays, necessary parts were operationally on a halt.

An outcome of this issue has affected the waitlist, as it grew lengthier. Customers who wanted a golf cart had to wait for parts to come in—some have had to wait for an additional 18 to 20 weeks! The good news is that with Covid-19 protocols loosening up, more people are getting the products they purchased! 

#3: Hard to Find 

Manufacturing delays strongly affected the operations of new golf carts, so people have been on the hunt to purchase used vehicles. Similar to the aforementioned, the demand for used golf carts increasingly skyrocketed, and there soon was a surge of them on the market. 

Customers are searching high and low for the perfect golf cart, but the current market is making it difficult for that to happen. Thankfully, production and shipping delays have been returning back to normal. 

What All This Means

It was forecasted that the golf cart industry would grow at least 7% by the year 2026, but because of the pandemic and other supply chain issues, the industry is behind that goal. The estimate has changed from 7% to 4% because low inventory and high demand can’t optimally be matched. 

If you are a golf cart mechanic, then you’re in luck! It can be assumed that people are flocking to you because of the supply and demand gap. People need you to quickly fix, upgrade, and service their golf carts without having to join a waitlist. 

Lastly, our encouragement to you is to be patient with the golf cart industry. The perfect golf cart is well worth the wait!

Have Questions About Golf Carts? 

If you have questions, people contact us so we can answer them for you. Whether your questions are about specific golf cart models, delay inquiries, or something else, our goal is to give you the best answer possible. Visit our website and reach out to us! We look forward to connecting with you.