Your Golf Cart Is the Ideal Halloween Night Shuttle. Here’s Why.

Halloween night shuttle

Versatility is part of the reason why people love golf carts. Away from the golf course, these carts have proven handy in business, gardening, hunting, and even Halloween celebrations. Without the right vehicle, going to Halloween parties or taking your kids on trick-or-treat hauls can be hectic. Here’s why a golf cart is the perfect Halloween night shuttle.

Easier Transportation

A car may not be suitable for short, neighborhood candy runs. However, you still need a golf cart to speed up trick-or-treating if houses are far apart. This is especially true for younger children, pregnant women, and disabled people who tire out easily. Moreover, golf cars can drive through tight, off-road sections, unlike wider cars.

Golf carts are also social vehicles. Because they’re easy to park, you can stop to greet friends and take photos. You also remain neat. Instead of ruining your costume by walking around the neighborhood, your clothes stay pristine in the Halloween night shuttle.


The absence of an engine, exhaust, and fuel tank on your electric cart helps prevent hazardous emissions. Even if your vehicle is gas-powered, you get better mileage than SUV guzzlers.

Golf cars also reduce noise pollution. While electric carts offer quiet Halloween drives, you can install a muffler on your gas-powered vehicle to quiet engine noises.

It’s Fun to Decorate Your Halloween Night Shuttle

If your neighborhood has a golf cart parade, Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your creativity. Even if you’re just driving around, you can match your costume with the cart in true Halloween spirit. For example, you could extend the back and front to your desired theme with plywood or cardboard. You could also adorn your Halloween night shuttle with banners, balloons, and garlands.

If you want some extra spook, you can bring skeletons on board, stick spiders on your hood, or cover the steering wheels and rails with cobwebs. However, make sure not to obstruct your wheels, engine, or windshield. Don’t shy away from experimenting with lighting. You can add some personality to your ride by lighting it up with pumpkin, spider web, or wizard hat bulbs. The lights could go on the cart’s front, rear, or rooftop edges.

Maintain Your Cart for Peak Performance 

Your golf cart is still useful after Halloween. As such, remember to charge your batteries, fill your tires, and check water levels to keep your cart up and running. Are you looking for a Halloween night shuttle? Contact us to find your next golf car.