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Cushman Golf Car Dealer

Cushman is perhaps one of the most famous and reputable golf car brands in the history of recreational golf. Cushman played an important role in the innovation of golf cars in the United States: It was one of the main golf car companies that helped bring hassle-free and efficient golf cars to the masses.

Whether you are planning on a custom-built golf car or something regally restored and/or vintage, Cushman golf cars are sure to come to mind.

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The Cushman Golf Car: A Quick History

The story of the Cushman golf car goes back to 1901, when Everette and Clinton Cushman founded Cushman Motor Works to produce gasoline motors. The Cushman’s ended up leaving shortly after, somewhere around 1919. A new owner, Charles Ammon, took over the operations of the business during this period. In 1955, Cushman introduced its first three-wheel golf car model (yes, those existed), and over the years they finally followed up with the four-wheel model we envision as golf cars today.

The Trucksters and the “Shark Nosed” model 735 golf car are some iconic Cushman golf cars. They were first introduced in 1961, four years after the Outboard Marine Corporation bought the company. These models were produced until 1967. They were incredibly unique because of their electric-powered motor. Next came the fiberglass body model 436, which was produced in 1964 by Cushman. Until 1970, the company traded between gas and electric models, including the 736 Deluxe Golfster; its higher-end model came with headlights and a horn. The Gran Cushman Golfster model GC-400 was Cushman’s most popular model in the late 1960s, with a fuel type that could either be gas or electric—depending on preference. The Patriot Blue Gran Cushman Golfster was made with a steel body.

Cushman was a dominant brand on golf courses until Harley Davidson introduced its gas-powered golf car, which gained rapid popularity on its own. Despite this, Cushman still continued to dominate the electric car segment until it stopped producing cars in 1975. Soon afterwards, Cushman was purchased by a company called Ransomes Limited, which was subsequently acquired by Textron (who owns E-Z-GO) in 1998.

Thankfully, the history of Cushman lives on. They are still built by Textron’s Jacobsen Golf.

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Golf Car

Cushman golf cars were introduced in the 1950s (dubbed “golf cars” by Cushman), and were backed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was an avid golfer, and started using the Cushman cars to get around the golf course after he suffered from heart complications. Celebrity golfers such as Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, and Ann-Margaret used personalized Cushman golf cars throughout the 1960s, as it had gained quite a liking among that era’s upper classes. The Patriot Blue is a famous color for the Cushman golf car range, which is still iconic today.

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Original Cushman Golf Car Parts are a Rarity

Since there is no longer an actual Cushman plant, there are no branded “Cushman” parts still available commercially in the market. Most of the car parts available to restore or fix a Cushman car are mass-produced and fit most makes and models. Using e-commerce websites, vintage car dealers, and online classifieds these parts can be purchased.

On such portals, you will notice that a wide variety of parts are available, such as belts, lithium ion batteries, transmission systems, body kits, and much more. There is also a plethora of accessories available, including side and rear-view mirrors, gauges, and headlights. Cushman produced both electric and gas models, and most motor and engine parts are still available.

Development Timeframe of Cushman Golf Cars

The evolution of Cushman’s golf cars came over four decades, as they were first introduced in the 1930s. Cushman’s most technological innovations came in the late 1950s as company engineers innovated on designs and energy efficiency. This led to great development and success for both gas and electric models.

Cushman golf cars have a history of being mainly three-wheel golf cars, but eventually, they transformed into a four-wheel version. Today, Cushman provides a variety of golf car options bearing the Cushman logo. Many of the vintage cars that are around or restored are three wheels with a body kit that covers the front wheel. You can generally find the Cushman logo on the cars.

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Cushman Golf Cars are Versatile

Cushman golf cars are incredibly versatile, and have been used by people for recreational and practical reasons outside of playing golf as well. Here are some other areas you can benefit from using a Cushman:

Taking care of landscaping.

Cushman has several options for both commercial and residential landscaping companies or crews. Cushman’s Turf Hauler vehicles are made just for your needs. Gas or electric options are available, and features include wheels designed to handle heavy turf damage and the ability to carry over 1,000 pounds. Talk about heavy duty!

Moving guests around a property such as a nursing home, resort, hotel, or lodge. 

Do you operate a country club? Cushman’s Hospitality series is useful for purposes involving hospitality and transporting guests across long distances in a comfortable way. Hospitality cars can accommodate anywhere from two to eight people, making it convenient and luxurious to have them shuttled from one place to the other.

Navigating through rough terrain. 

Cushman’s golf cars are durable over even the roughest terrain. Much of this durability is due to their steel-cut cargo bed, which allows you to haul heavy loads of rock, landscape debris, and more. If your property is bordered by rocky areas, lots of trees, or creek beds, a Cushman car will make sure you get where you need to go.

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