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The Benefits of Lithium Batteries for Golf Cars

Looking to buy a golf car, but don’t know which kind to get? Start with the battery! Keep reading for all the pros and cons of having a lithium-powered golf car.

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Which Golf Car is Right for Me—Gas or Electric?

In the market for a golf car, but don’t know what kind to get? Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of gas-powered and electric golf cars. 

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The Best Places to Take Your Golf Car This Summer

Whether you've had a golf car for years or you just bought your first one, get your money's worth with these fun, golf car-friendly destinations to visit this summer! 

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How to Make Your Golf Car Go Faster

Not getting the speed you need out of your golf car? We outline some surefire ways to get some extra mph here—keep reading! 

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Golf Car Safety

It can be easy to view golf cars as toys or novelties (let’s face it, they’re fun) but they pose some of the same risks as your car or motorcycle. Keep reading for safety tips!

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What to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Car

There are tons of great used golf car options out there—but how do you know what to look for so you don’t get scammed? We’ve got the list you need here.

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