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Garia Golf Car Dealer

The Garia golf car is known for its luxurious and extravagant cart style. Garia is an established player in the golf cart business, already respected for its fleet of high-end utility and golf cart models. Garia designed the vehicle to target a demographic of golfers who want a reliable golf car with the amenities of a luxury car. And it does!

Garia is an innovative Scandinavian golf cart maker that had initially planned to create their namesake golf cart in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz; however, Mercedes pulled out of the agreement and pulled the plug on the project. Be that as it may, Garia continued with the development of the golf cart, and have now seen a huge amount of demand for this sporty and sleek automobile. Read on to learn everything about the Garia.

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Why the Garia Golf Car?

The Garia golf car is known for its luxurious and extravagant car style. Garia is an established player in the golf car business, already respected for its fleet of high-end utility and golf car models. Garia designed the vehicle to target a demographic of golfers who want a reliable golf car with the amenities of a luxury car. And it does!

The Garia golf car comes with a refrigerator and even a touchpad screen (sounds like a level of luxury unheard of on a golf car, right?). Garia also boasts premium materials in their cabin, ample storage space, and imported parts.

Garia markets its new product as a “real sports car” and the “coolest golf car ever” with tons of new technology. This helpsGaria find a huge amount of enthusiasm, demand, and positive reception from younger (and young-at-heart) golfers.

An interesting point to note is that Garia calls their new model a golf “car,” instead of “car,” because of its sleek style resembling a sports car rather than a traditional golf car. This is something that Diamond Golf Cars is, of course, on board with!

The modern and sporty design features a carbon fiber roof structure, curved windscreen,  and sturdy supports in contrasting color from the rest of the car. The grill at the front adds an exuberant sporty touch, with a golf ball design that matches its golf course function. The golf car retains the narrow, short shape, and extended height of a golf car, but appears to sit low—like a sports car.

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Garia has a Certain Appeal

Fourteen-inch aluminium rims. LED front and tail lamps. Diamond-cut elements in a black five-spoke design. These are just some of the items on the Garia. Officially, Garia claims that the LED lights give the golf car an athletic “super sport” look, setting it apart from the standard sports car or golf car. Garia boasts high-end features including handcrafted “lounge” seats and a carbon fiber roof—with custom black leather lining and grab handles for added elegance.

The dashboard comes with a 10.1 inch touchscreen to give the golf car a modern feel. The touchscreen has functions like letting passengers control windshield wipers, control headlights, order food and beverages from the clubhouse, and even surf the web. In addition, it also shows the golf course layout, displays weather conditions, and even displays scores. As the screen is Bluetooth enabled, passengers can also listen to music through the integrated speakers. The genuine leather used in the golf car is waterproof, comes in premium form, and uses best-in-class materials. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Garia is not just a golf car—but a style statement as well.

Garia’s design offers plenty of practicality too. It includes an under-seat refrigerator, which comes in handy. It also provides dual-size cup holders on both sides. The rear spoiler keeps golf bags in an outward slanted position, which simplifies the process of removing golf clubs from bags. There is also a tray below the dashboard where passengers can store golf balls.

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Is the Garia Golf Car Street Legal?

Thinking of taking your Garia for a drive? Garia is legal for street use and city commutes but only in select countries. So, make sure yours is on the list before you take it for a spin. As far as the United States goes, Garia’s golf car is similar enough to a regular street vehicle that you can drive it right alongside the other drivers on the road—and it’s legal in several European countries, too.

Garia has an impressive 50-mile range, and it can reach 43 miles per hour. It runs on the largest lithium battery pack of any golf car: 1024 kWh, 200-amp hour capacity, which is an impressive battery life for this kind of vehicle. The golf cars navigation and handling is improved by the white leather-lined steering wheel, double wishbone suspension, and front disc brakes. Garia even marked the foot-brake of the vehicle with a minus sign and the accelerator with a plus sign to make city commutes all the easier. Although the Garia golf car handles well and has decent range and speed, U.S. federal law has placed limits on the vehicle’s speed, allowing it to go only up to 25 mph.

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The History of Garia: An Environmentally Friendly Company

Garia has its headquarters in Denmark. Besides this, Garia also has a United States subsidiary and offices in the UK and Asia Pacific. Garia was founded in 2005, and has gained a reputation as a cutting-edge manufacturer of “golf cars,” as they like to put it. Garia claims to have completely reimagined the traditional golf car. The new, premium vehicle is a result of the company’s long desire to consider the needs of the pro golfer when designing a vehicle.

Garia produces zero-emission electric vehicles. It has a fantastic track record and ethos of being environmentally friendly. The vehicle production for the Garia follows all the health and environmental protection laws of Denmark. Its production facility receives 40 to 60% of its power from sustainable sources. Even the vehicles Garia produces can be factory reconditioned and recycled. Furthermore, the Garia workplace adheres to both European and national standards for hazardous waste removal, which is well-known for being extremely stringent!

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Diamond Golf Cars is a Proud Supplier of Garia

Diamond Golf Cars is one of the most reputable dealers in Alabama—with a huge array of golf cars available for purchase. We provide end-to-end customer service, special offers, a comfortable purchase experience, and more.

Garia has definitely elevated the standards of the traditional golf car. As its website states, the Garia “ends the age of plastic buggies” for the savvy and modern golfer. The new model has premium Garia labels on the side of the golf car, the dashboard, and a touch screen—an indicator of pure class and luxury. The bumper, steering wheel, and vehicle all display the Garia logo with pride.

This “golf car to end all golf cars” has set a standard for the future and we, at Diamond Golf cars, can help you make the right purchase. Give us a call or reach out online to learn more about this exciting, new golf car opportunity!

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